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공지사항 - 서울대 - 기초소묘 - 본원학생작

Welcome to a little space to share experience and ways to access support.

If you are in immediate danger, please scroll down to the bottom of this post. Click on the black box for up to date advice and information.
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You are here. You are taking a step. You are amazing.

Most victims of domestic abuse are regular mums, sisters, wives, daughters, and also, sons and husbands too. Going about their lives and living in fear; simultaneously, treading on eggshells. Feeling scared to look anyone directly in the eye, for fear their carefully constructed castle walls will topple. Domestic abuse in any form wreaks havoc on the day to day confidence required to get through each day. Most victims are hidden in plain sight, sometimes because they don’t realise the seriousness of their situation, and sometimes because they are too frightened or worn down to leave. They look like you and me and your neighbour and your teacher and your mum or your doctor. Domestic abuse can and does occur in every sector and every demographic. Whatever is going on for you, please know, it isn’t your fault. And you are not alone.

Let Loose Ladies : share your story with us.

A little support and perspective from our experience. Sisters and friends united in our own support of one another.

Hello, lovely to meet you xxx

For advice and information in Scotland

Domestic abuse services | Scottish Borders Council (

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